Thursday, May 14, 2015


If you’re a nappy lady, it’s probably that you just have a love-hate relationship along with your hair.  One day, you’re flaunting beautiful, bouncy spirals and waves. future moment you’re battling wave and curls that appear to own a mind of their own.   Don’t support up!  Your curls surface unit in smart hands at our New Orleans hair salon, and that we have many tips which will assist you fall enamored along with your hair again!


Believe it or not, your fingers are often one among the simplest detangling tools! you\'ll conjointly use a really versatile wide-tooth comb to carefully estimate tangles.  Brushes, on the opposite hand, will agent nappy hair to turn into kinky, and may be avoided.  
To detangle, begin at the ends and gently work your high, loosening knots and tangled portion. watch out to not draw or tug at your hair within the method.


A gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is that the most suitable choice for keeping your hair hydrous and flood free.    Above the opposing product usually are often your hair’s worst enemy as they\'re laden chemically and sulphate cleansers which will strip your curls of precious wet. hunt for product that area unit sulphate free for best results. sulphate free shampoos can cleanse your hair gently and permit your hair to retain natural oils that shield it against wave and dehydration. one among the stylists at our hair salon in New Orleans are happy to guide you to the right cleansing product for nappy and wavy hair


Curly hair craves wet, and also the curlier your hair is, the additional association it wants. to provide your hair a lift, opt for a moisturizing conditioner, so leave a small amount of the merchandise in your hair rather than removal it utterly away.  This helps to produce additional curl definition and softness. you\'ll conjointly prefer associate actual leave-in acquisition product.  Most leave-in conditioners area unit light-weight, and that they can keep your curls quenched and keep wave treed while not deliberation your hair down.

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