Friday, May 29, 2015


This all natural honey lemon mask is nice for all skin varieties as well as sensitive skin. I even have used it double up to now and that i am very feeling the results! therefore in fact I had to share!
Benefits of the honey lemon mask:

  •  Clears inflammatory disease
  •  light cleaner
  •  Dries out hickey
  •  Minimizes pore size
  •  Smooths skin
  •  Reduces redness and immediately soothes irritation
  •  Makes skin glow
  •  Relieves xerotes and even flaking
  •  Honey may be a matter therefore it hydrates skin
  •  Brightens skin
  •  Evens out skin tone ( as a result of sun harm or blemishes) and helps scarring
  •  The bacterium cannot board AN atmosphere lined in honey; as a result of honeys antiseptic qualities

 1/2 of a true lemon or a couple of drops of flavouring (it has a similar effect)
 a pair of teaspoons of honey (Manuka honey has higher medication properties, however regular honey is ok too).

Squeeze 1/2 of the lemon into a bowl, combine in honey and stir till its like cough sweetening. Apply mask to freshly clean face, check that you don’t exfoliate your skin before adding this mask as a result of the juice will create it sting. Let the mask sit for regarding twenty minutes, and take a look at to not speak. launder with cold water (helps shut pores) and pat dry your face. you\'ll try this each morning or nightly. Apply an honest moisturizer subsequently. provides it it slow to visualize results. :)

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